Acharya Chanakya Biography – life story of Chanakya

Acharya Chanakya
Acharya Chanakya

If you want to make your life successful and remove the small problems in your life, then you should start taking the word of Pandit Acharya Chanakya in your own life. Acharya Chanka’s simple explanation of diplomacy and politics can make life easier for everyone. If you want to make your life better, you should start reading Chanakya Niti.

AcharyaChanakya’s birth and family

Acharya Chanakya was born into a Brahmin family. There is still controversy about his birthplace and many theories about his birth. According to the Buddhist scriptures of Mahavamsa, his birthplace is Takshashila, and in Jain scriptures like Adividhan Chintamani, his name is described as Sharmila from South India. Chanakya was born in the Golla region and his father’s name was Rishi Canak and his mother’s name was Chaneshvari. Some incidents refer to Chanakya from northern India who was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. In Jain scriptures, Chanakya Chandragupta converted to Jainism in his old age like Maurya.

Acharya Chanakya identity

Acharya Chanakya was the general secretary in his cabinet during the reign of King Chandragupta Maurya. He was born into a poor family and He educated at the great educational center “Takshashila”. Chanakya studied for 14 years and at the age of 26, he received deep education in economics, sociology, and politics. At one point, when he was humiliated at the court of the Magadha dynasty, he vowed to annihilate the Nanda dynasty, and after Chandragupta Maurya enthroned, he fulfilled his vows and destroyed the Nanda dynasty.

He established the Maurya dynasty there. At that time, the Nanda dynasty made the condition of the poor worse, then protected the subjects and fulfilled their responsibilities. He drove the Nanda dynasty out of India and helped a king, Chandragupta Maurya, to a united nation. Chanakya is credit with creating the Desperate Dynasty. Chanakya considered diplomacy important. he also considered the father of diplomacy. Therefore, King Chandragupta Maurya gave him the status of General Secretary.

Acharya Chanakya education

Now the initiation of Acharya education had started at Tanshila University. Taxila world-renowned university of that era where various students from abroad used to come to study. At Taxila University, students taught four Vedas, Archery, Horse of Horse, Eighteen Arts as well as Law, Medical Science, Political Science, and Social Welfare. Chanakya also receive a similar higher education, as a result, the personality of the intelligent Chanakya enlightened like a cut diamond.

After awakening his scholarship and wisdom in Takshila, he became the master of the same politics. Discussions were going on all over the country about his scholarship. Chanakya’s life is associat with two cities, Takshila and Pataliputra. Pataliputra the capital of the Magadha Empire, was connected to Taxila by a route called Uttarapath.

At that time the king named Pataliputra Dhanananda was tired. Magadha was the largest kingdom in the country and Dhanananda was its powerful king, but Dhanananda was extremely greedy and affectionate. Things were not satisfied with this.

He was instrumental in establishing the Mauryan Empire and making Chandragupta emperor.

The birth of Chanakya, the greatest diplomat and diplomat in history, is believed to have taken place in the third or fourth century BC. He was instrumental in establishing the Mauryan Empire and making Chandragupta emperor. His father’s name is Chanak, which is why he is called Chanakya. Chanak always worried about his country. While the Greek aggression going on, on the other hand, the neighboring states of Malwa, Persia, Indus, and hill countries also wanted to take control of Magadha.

Chanak then decided “I will teach my son that the kingdom and the king will surrender before him”. Chanak somehow wanted to reach the position of Mahamati. For this, he planned to overthrow Dhanananda by chanting his friend Amatya Shakti. Amatya Shakti was the head guard of the palace, but the detectives revealed the conspiracy to Mahatma Rakshas and Katyayan. He told Dhanananda about this conspiracy. All this secret information reached Devdatta, the faithful doorman of the power, which led to Chanak’s arrest warrant. Chanakya was very young at the time of his capture.

Chanakya’s disrespect and promise of revenge

Chanakya once came to Pataliputra to meet the king. He came to inspire Dhanananda in the interest of the country so that he could forget the mutual feelings of the country divided into small kingdoms. But Dhanananda rejected Chanakya’s offer and expelled him from the contempt of court. Chanakya’s sense of self-worth was deeply hurt and he became very angry. After opening the peak, he was determined not to tie his peak until he had destroyed the whole Dhanananda.

When Dhanananda found out about Chanakya’s decision, he became angry and ordered Chanakya to be arrested. However, Chanakya escaped from captivity. As soon as he came out of the palace, he began to hide in Pataliputra in the guise of a monk.

Death of Chanakya’s father

Acharya Chanakya was beheaded for sedition and hanged at a crossroads in the capital. Seeing his father’s severed head, Asura Chanakya did not stop in front of his eyes, but at that time Chanakya was only 14 years old and was unable to take revenge. In the darkness of the night, he lowered his father’s head hanging from the bamboo and wrapped it in cloth. The sun burned his father alone. From then on, he swore to Dhanananda to avenge his father’s death.

The reason why AcharyaChanakya’s name is Vishnugupta

Acharya Chanakya, the son of Chanakya, woke up in a forest in flames of vengeance when a Pandit fell on his face and awakened his consciousness. Asked, “Son, what is your name?” Kautilya thought that if he said his name Kautilya or Chanakya, Dhanananda would know his truth, so Kautilya told his name to Vishnugupta at that time. Vishnugupta said, “I have been hungry for a long time, dizzy. Please orphan me.”

The priest said, “Don’t mind, you go with me, I’m a teacher in a village and I’m alone.” The name of that scholar is Radhamohan. Radha Mohan supported Vishnugupta. After staying for a few days, he told Vishnugupta that my classmate Pundarikaksha currently has a post in the Acharya of Takshila. If I write a letter to God in your name, God willing, you will be selected on the basis of your talent. “Thus Chanakya took the first step of his life to enter the University of Taxila.

Meet Chanakya Chandragupta

One day Acharya Chanakya met the child Chandragupta, who was then playing a game of king and subjects with his companions. Chandragupta asking, with the skill with which he was solving the problems of his comrades, fascinated Chanakya from within. Chanakya Chandragupta got a glimpse of the future king. He obtained detailed information about Chandragupta and took him to Takshila. There Chanakya taught Chandragupta everything from Vedas to war and politics.

Acharya Chanakya educated Chandragupta under his protection for about 7 years and made him a knight. In those days, Alexander the Great, the Greek emperor from all over the world, was on his way to India, conquering various lands. King Ambi of Gandhara wants to give a lesson to his old enemy King Puru by supporting Alexander. When Chanakya found out about Ambi’s plan, he went to explain it. Chanakya spoke to Ambi in detail about this, wanted to explain it, persuaded him to protect the country from foreign invaders, but Ambi did not listen to any of Chanakya.

He is determined to support Alexander

A few days later, when Alexander entered Gandhara, Ambi gave him a loud welcome. Ambi organized a huge public meeting in his honor. Chanakya and Chandragupta were also present at the meeting. During the meeting, in honor of Alexander, his praise bridges. Describing him as great compared to the gods, Alexander in his speech indirectly threatened the Indians that accepting their power was in their best interests.

Acharya Chanakya openly opposed this threat of Alexander. Sikandar influenced by Chanakya’s thoughts but did not want to give up the war because of his desire to conquer the world.

According to Mudrarakshas, ​​Chandragupta son of a concubine of Mura and he spent his childhood in Nanda Mahal. According to Buddhist scriptures, Chandragupta was the son of the head of the Moria dynasty of Pipalivan. Chanakya took him to a group of young men one day and very impressed.

He prepared Chandragupta to oppose the Nanda Empire

Acharya Chanakya and Chandragupta made an agreement with the mountains [King Poras] of northwestern India that they would win against the Nanda Empire. For Jan’s tactics, Nepal was a safe haven for Chanakya’s followers. There he gathered Shaka, Yawan, Kirat, Kamboj and Bahlik troops. He won the war against the Nanda kingdom. After the conquest, the river kingdom was divided into two parts, one of the mountain and the other of Chanakya’s ally Chandragupta.

After Parvatak’s death, his son Malaiketu occupied all the eastern Nanda territories. Rakshas, ​​a former minister of the Nanda Empire, assisted him in this task and he tried to assassinate Chandragupta several times thwarted by Chanakya. Chanakya and Chandragupta created a false fight between each other according to a plan. In this plan, Chandragupta pretended to remove Chanakya from the post of the minister and called the demon better than Chanakya (Chanakya).

At the court of Malaiketu, the detectives of Chanakya (Chanakya) at the court of Chandragupta informed the king about the appointment of a demon in place of Chanakya and made him stand against the defense. Chanakya’s spies spread the incident

Causes cracks between Malaiketu and Rakshasa. Besides, Chanakya detectives fooled Malaiketu that five of his associates were also planning to kill him along with Chandragupta Maurya. Eventually, the demon had to come towards Chandragupta and the alliance of Malaiketu with Chanakya Niti broke Chanakya Niti.

The concept of Budhimana Chanakya (Kautilya) kingdom

In the policy of the Chanakya kingdom, He said that there should be a father-son relationship between the king and the subjects. This is stated in the Kautilya State Policy. Annoyed by the law of “Fishery Justice”, the kingdom was started, the people chose Manu as their king and asked him to give the 6th part of the farmer and the king one-tenth of the gold (ornament). The king was responsible for the protection and social welfare of the people.

Chanakya’s foreign policy

Acharya Chanakya had a foreign policy in mind as follows:

1. Agreement: For peace in the state and country, an agreement is made with the king or ruler of another country, which is more powerful. Which means to weaken the enemy.

2. Gods: to plot against the enemy.

3. Ian: Preparing for war without declaring war.

4. Posture: Adherence to the principle of neutrality.

5. Self-defense: Pray for the help of another king.

According to Chanakya, who are the detectives?

Kautilya describes the effectiveness and interpretation of the intellect. Detective students, ascetics, businessmen, etc. could be more. The job of the spies is to give secret information from home and abroad to the king and to keep the spies happy with money and respect.

Chanakya is great and even today his place in our country is considered among the great people. Chanakya’s “Chanakya principle” is as relevant today. The things mentioned in the Chanakya policy fit perfectly in today’s time and the person who adopts the Chanakya policy will be successful in his life. Today this great scholar is not among us but we are proud of his words and even today.

Some of Chanakya’s compositions

Here, too, scholars have given their opinions. How many compositions and creations Kautilya made in his lifetime is not clear till today. Chanakya’s major works such as economics, sociology, and politics are clearly available. Kamanadaka, a disciple of Chanakya, wrote a scripture, a book called “Nitsara”.

It is mentioned in this text that Chanakya, with his knowledge and mind, transformed Nittar into a principle. Chanakya associated with compositions called Dhatu-Kautilya and Rajneeti. Kautilya’s book Arthashastra is also known as Arthashastra.

Chanakya serial about life

A TV serial based on Chanakya’s life aired on Doordarshan based on the drama titled “Chanakya”. Also, the serial “Chandragupta Maurya” on NDTV Imagine depicted the lives of Chandragupta and Chanakya. In 2015, Chanakya has shown in the court of Bindusara on Colors TV serial “Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat”. Many books are also written about Chanakya’s life and work.

Various information related to Chanakya’s death and Chanakya’s death

There is also a controversy over the death of Chanakya (Chanakya). According to a legend, Chanakya went away from where he starved and killed himself. According to another account, a minister of Chandra Bindusara killed due to the conspiracy of Subandhu, who blamed Chanakya for the death of Bindusa’s mother. Bindusara also asked his midwife about this and on hearing this he became frightened and angry.

When Acharya Chanakya found out that the king angry with him, he went to the forest and killed himself with hunger. Bindusara later found out that Chanakya was not responsible for his mother’s death but it was too late even though it was an accident. During Chandragupta’s interrogation, Subandhu told him that he was planning to kill Chanakya and that he wanted to call Chanakya to a secluded place and burn him alive.

Acharya Chanakya considers being one of the greatest thinkers and diplomats in India. Many nationalists believe that Chanakya was the only person in India who dreamed of a united India and fulfilled it. Chanakya considers being the father of two books, Arthashastra and Chanakya Niti. Chanakyapuri was the name of a place in Delhi in honor of Chanakya and many other big organizations were named after him.

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Chanakya Quotes on Success in English

Quote: 1

“Lazy students can acquire just as much knowledge as they need to pass an exam.”

Quote: 2

 “Students who get angry over little things are always on the move Because, in order to acquire knowledge, it is necessary to calm the mind first. “

Quote: 3

 “The restless mind is the biggest obstacle to gaining complete knowledge about anything”

Quote: 4

 “A student should never express anger because anger makes people unable to make the right decisions So things that can cause anger should be avoided. “

Quote: 5

 “A student should never talk to a fool more because a fool has very little knowledge compared to a scholar.”

Quote: 6

“If a student goes to teach knowledge to another foolish person, it is nothing but a waste of his time. So keeping a distance from idiots should be a student’s main religion. “

Quote: 7

 “Students should not be greedy for anything “Because when a student is greedy for something, he always has to make various plans to get that thing, which makes it difficult for that student to acquire knowledge.”

Quote: 8

 “A student should not engage in excessive recreation beyond what he or she needs, as the effects of excess recreation can be detrimental. So as much entertainment as a student needs, he should entertain himself. ”

 Quote: 9

 “A student should always stay away from lust “Because of the magic of work, the student cannot concentrate on knowledge and study, and the mind is always anxious for the desire for sex.”

Quote: 10

 “A son with good qualities is far better than hundreds of unworthy sons Because there is only one moon in the night sky but it can remove all the darkness in the sky. “

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