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sir APJ Abdulkalam

Sir APJ Abdul Kalam is the 11th President of India, a famous scientist and proud of all Indians. His unique fame and patriotism are still a great inspiration to every human being today This great scientist of India was born on 15 October 1931, in Rameswaram city in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Sir APJ Abdul Kalam was born in a poor Tamil Muslim family there His father’s name was Zainul-Abedin, who was a little boat driver in Rameswaram, and his job was to cross the Hindu pilgrims to Rameswaram and his adjoining Dhanshkodi, and his mother’s name was Ashiyama, who was a common housewife.

Being a poor family, Kalam sir had to take on the upkeep of the family from an early age. As a kid, he used to spend his education selling newspapers, but despite the scarcity, he never complained to his parents.

Photo of DR. APJ Abdul Kalam

sir APJ Abdulkalam image/readbiography
sir APJ Abdulkalam

Education of Sir APJ Abdul Kalam

Sir APJ Abdul Kalam educational career started at Ramanathapuram Squartz Matriculation In School. He was a very modest student but his focus on the study was very deep, as well as hard-working. That he used to fall for hours and spend hours to improve his studies.

After completing his school life, he then enrolled at St. Joseph’s College in Tiruchirapalli and graduated in Physics at the 1954. He then moved to Chennai in the 1955 and went on to study aviation in the Madras Institute of Technology.

From his school life he dreamed of being an Indian Air Force pilot but failed to fulfill that dream in the future.

Instead, he was appointed to the Indian Defense Research and Development Agency (DRDO) and managed the hovercraft project there, but he later left the company, not satisfied with his work at the DRDO.

Sir APJ Abdul Kalam Joins ISRO

Then, in the year 1962, when Sir APJ Abdul Kalam joined the Indian Space Research Institute ISRO and worked there many years, successfully conducting various aerial planning.

His most famous contribution there was when he launched the successful launch of India’s first satellite, “Rohini”, SLV3, and placed it in the orbit of the earth. He also worked on many aerospace issues for the Indian Space Research Institute, ISRO, at which time India became a member of the International Space Club.

ISRO Success of Abdul Kalam

While working in ISRO, he gained much fame both at home and abroad At that time he has taken to NASA. The US space agency, but refused to work there. In that, he was able to create India’s first nuclear missile with the famous Indian scientist, King Ramana.

The year 1998, when India was able to successfully test a nuclear bomb for the second time under the leadership of Sir APJ Abdul Kalam. By which time he became one of India’s most famous and successful nuclear scientists Today. India was succeeded in building nuclear weapons for him His great contribution is never our fault in 2002, the NDA government declared him as a candidate for the post of President of India, with a deep respect for India and respect for the people. As a result, he has also elected President of India that year.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s personal life was very simple and disciplined. He loved young children and always tried to teach them something important that could help them to have a future.

APJ Abdul Kalam was never a political man, but by being in politics, he always thought about the development of the country. He thought that the prosperous development of the youth could advance this country a long time ago.

Sir APJ Abdul Kalam also wanted India to be known as a major force in the construction of nuclear weapons.

The President Of India took Over The Post

He said: “In the history of 2000 years, India has been ruled by other powers for redeveloped, it is essential to have a peaceful situation in the country and peace is established by force. That is why missiles have been developed so that the country, the power is complete.

After that, Abdul Kalam’s term of office expired in 2007. He was also a professor in many educational institutions of India He worked as a professor at Indian Institute of Shillo, Ahmadabad and many places like Indore and at Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. He was also Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Anna University for many years.

sir APJ Abdulkalam image
sir APJ Abdulkalam

Let’s find out some of his unknown facts

1. From the age of eight, Kalam sir, he would wake up at 4am in the morning and then go to the local teacher to take a bath. He had a reason to bathe in the early hours of the morning, he would not teach any of the teachers he used to teach to a child who would come to him in the morning without bathing. In addition, the teacher used to teach 5 children every morning free of charge, including Kalam Sir.

2. Kalam sir’s father was a boatman by profession and he uses to rent boats from local fishermen. He also had to start working from an early age to support a large family of rich, parents and five siblings.

3. He was Defense Advisor to the Minister of Defense for 1992-1999 years At that time, the Vajpayee government conducted a successful test of a nuclear bomb in Pokhran, India, for which India became known as a nuclear bomb-making country.

4. Kalam sir was appointed Director of the Indian Defense Research and Development Agency in the year 1982 In that year he was honored with the title “Doctorate” by Anna University Then a committee headed by him for the improvement of the indigenous missile was formed that year, where he also chaired.

5. Kalam Sir was the third President of the country, to have the honour of “Bharat Ratna” before being appointed to India’s highest post. He had received this honour before him – Sir Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan and Zakir Hossain.

 Awards & Honors of DR. APJ Abdul Kalam

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sir APJ Abdulkalam

1. Year 1981 : Padma Bhushan Award

  2. Year 1990:  Padma Vibhushan Award

 3. Year 1994 : Distinguished Fellow Award by the Indian Institute of Directors

4. Year 1997: Bharat Ratna Award and Indira Gandhi Award

5. Year 1998:  Bir Savarkar Award

6. Year 2000 “Ramanujan Award” by the Alwar Research Center in Chennai

7. Year 2002India’s 11th President

8. Year 2007: Awarded in honor of “Doctorate” by the University of Wolverhampton

9. The year 2008: Awarded in honor of “Doctors of Engineering” by Nanyang Technology University

10. The year 2009: International “Vaughn Krumm Wings” Award by the California Institute of Technology

11. Year 2010: Awarded in honor of “Doctors of Engineering” by the University of Waterloo

12. 2012: Awarded in honor of “Doctor of Law” by Simon Fraser University

Death of DR. APJ Abdul Kalam

Finally, Sir APJ Abdul Kalam was diagnosed with a heart attack at 6:30 pm on July 27, 2015, while speaking on the “Living Earth” at the Indian Institute of Management in Shillong, Meghalaya.

He was then taken to Bethany Hospital, where he died at 7:45 pm in Indian time. Shortly after his death, his body was taken to Guwahati from Shillong by an Indian Air Force helicopter, and then taken to New Delhi.

After all, after paying his last respects, his body was cremated in Rameswaram.

Sir APJ Abdul Kalam did not store anything for himself during his lifetime, he had donated everything. Humanity was the end of his life Therefore, he repeatedly advises everyone to be together.

He kept himself involved in educational work till the last day of his life His contribution will never be forgotten by any Indian He is still immortal, deep in the mind of each of us, and will be in the future.

sir APJ Abdulkalam image
sir APJ Abdulkalam
APJ Abdul Kalam Inspirational Quotes

Quotes 1

“You must dream until your dreams come true” – Abdul Kalam

Quotes  2

“The dream is not what you sleep on The dream is one that will not allow you to fall asleep ”- Abdul Kalam

Quotes  3

“If you salute your work, you will not have to salute anyone else But if you dishonor, defraud, or humiliate your work, then all you have to do is salute ”- Abdul Kalam

Quotes  4

“The success of those who cannot work with the heart, without success and without attraction, is born of bitterness” – Abdul Kalam

Quotes  5

“Life and time are the best teachers in the world Life teaches you to use time properly and time teaches you to value life “- Abdul Kalam

Quotes  6

“You cannot change your future but you can change habits, and habits will change your future” – Abdul Kalam

Quotes  7

“One thing is clear, the Creator is the one who helps those who work hard” – Abdul Kalam

Quotes  8

“In the morning, you will say these 5 things to yourself

I’m the best

I sure can

The Creator is always with me

Today is my only day “- Sir APJ Abdul Kalam

Quotes  9

“You have to have the courage to think and innovate Discovery must be addictive One has to go the way no one has gone You have to have the courage to do the impossible and succeed in conquering the problem. ”- Abdul Kalam

Quotes  10

“There are difficult obstacles in life, not to destroy you but to realize the hidden power of your inner self. Show the dams that you are not even less difficult ”-Abdul Kalam

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