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Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci

Who is Leonardo da Vinci?

Leonardo da Vinci (April 15, 1452, to May 2, 1519) was a painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, military engineer, and draftsman – nicknamed the “Renaissance Man”. With a curious mind and intelligent intellect, The Vinci is fully aware of his work in science and the laws of nature. His ideas and body of work influenced countless artists and created a leading light da Vinci in the Italian Renaissance.

Da Vinci birth and family

Da Vinci (April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519), full name Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 in a small village called Vinci in the Tuscan region near Florence, Italy. His mother, Caterina de Mio Lippi, and father, Sir Pierre de Vinci. Leonardo was one of the most talented men of the Renaissance. He was an artist as well as a Renaissance polymath, mathematician, musician, architect, scientist, engineer, and writer. This is not the end; He was well versed in medical science, geography, astronomy, anatomy, botany, history, and literature. He also had a rare talent for writing with both hands. So many historians and scholars have called Leonardo a “universal genius” or “Renaissance man.”

Leonardo da Vinci was the child of an unmarried mother

He was born in 1452 in the Vinci area. Da Vinci’s father was Messer Piero Fruocino di Antonio da Vinci and his mother was a local woman, Caterina. Caterina is thought to have been one of Messer Piero’s slaves. They were not marri. Da Vinci moved to his father when he was 5 years old and since then he has had little contact with his mother.

da Vinci Adolescence

Leonardo was born on the night of April 15, 1452, at noon. In the mountainous region of Vinci in Tuscany, in the lower reaches of the Arno River. He was the illegitimate child of Pierre de Vinci, a notary in Florence, and Katrina, a rural woman. His mother was probably a maid from the Middle East. From a modern point of view, Leonardo had no family name. “The Vinci” means he came from the city of Vinci. His full name “Leonardo da Ser Piero da Vinci” means Piero’s son Leonardo and he was born in Vinci.

Very little is known about the first part of Leonardo’s life.

He spent the first 5 years of his life in a small village in Ansiano. He then moved to Francisco to live with his father, grandparents, and uncle. His father married a sixteen-year-old girl named Albira. He loved Leonardo very much. But he died at a young age. After that, Leonardo recorded two incidents about his teenage life. The first is that once a kite suddenly descends from the sky and passes over its cradle, its tail feathers turn in its face. People took this event as a sign of success in his future life. The second incident is that he went for a walk in a mountain once as a child. There he discovered a cave. The cave was dark, and he thought there must be some giant hidden inside. But because of his indomitable curiosity, he also found out what was in the cave.

Leonardo da Vinci biography
Leonardo da Vinci

The educational life of Leonardo da Vinci

Vinci did not receive any formal education. Everything in his studies is domestic. He had a great attraction towards nature. That’s why he likes to spend most of his time outside. Not much was known about his childhood, but his father was attracted to drawing as a teenager

In 1466, when Leonardo was 14, he was sent as an apprentice to Andre del Veroccio (1435-1488), and his talents soon became known. Vericchio was also admired as an outstanding artist and sculptor. Leonardo or Variccio is said to have helped him draw his “Baptism of Christ”. There, Leonardo showed such skill that he thought he would never pick up a brush again!

The Vinci’s professional life

Court documents show that Leonardo and three other young men were once convicted of homosexuality and acquitted. It is unknown at this time what he did after 1476. Leonardo is thought to have worked in his own workshop from 1478 to 1481. He has commissioned to paint the Chapel of St. Bernard and Adoration of the Magi in 1478 and the Monk of San Donato a Scapito in 1481.

According to Vasari, Leonardo was the best musician of the time. In 1482 he made a harp in the shape of a horse’s head. Lorenzo de ’Medici sent the lyre as a gift from Leonardo to the Duke of Milan, Ludovico il Moro, to confirm the peace treaty. At this time Leonardo wrote a letter to the Duke, which contained a description of the various dazzling instruments he had invented. He also wrote about his identity as a painter in this letter.

Leonardo worked in Milan between 1482 and 1499. Here he was tasked with painting the Virgin of the Rocks and The Last Supper. Between 1493 and 1495, a woman named Katrina was found among his subordinates. This woman died in 1495. The cost of her funeral at the time suggests she was Leonardo’s mother.

The painter Leonardo

Leonardo da Vinci has painted about ten times in his life. In 1472 he joined the Guild of Painters and from this time his life as a painter began. One of his most famous works is Mona Lisa, The Last Supper. There are also ‘Lorenzo the Medici’, ‘Virgin of the Rocks’, ‘Lady with an Armin’, ‘St. John the Baptist’, etc.

The famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

It is the most talked-about painting in the history of the world and the most famous painting of the Renaissance. He is thought to have painted the picture between 1503 and 1506. The artwork is preserved in the Louvre Museum in France. According to the Louvre Museum, about 80% of tourists come to see only the Mona Lisa. It took him about four years to draw the picture. This image of the Mona Lisa is price at around 30 830 million. Which is equivalent to about 5 thousand 712 crore rupees. Many art researchers have identified this famous portrait woman as Lisa Geradini, the wife of the Florentine merchant Francisco de Gioconda. Many people discover Leonardo himself with a beard on his almost hairless face, meaning they claim that the Mona Lisa character is Leonardo da Vinci’s femininity (in this case, Dan Brown’s book The Vinci Code).

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa
Spell the name Mona Lisa

The original name of the film was ‘Monnalisa / Monnalisa’. No one knows when it turns out to be the Mona Lisa in the mouths of people! The word Mona Lisa is basically a synonym for ‘my lady’ or ‘my wife’.

The Mona Lisa cannot be bought or sold

The reader may be wondering, what if you collect a little more money and buy the painting and hang it on the wall? But it is truly priceless! According to French heritage law, it is not possible to buy or sell this painting. The ‘Mona Lisa’ is the property of the people and the location of the Mona Lisa in the heart of each of them as part of the collection of the Louvre Museum.

The Vinci’s famous painting The Last Supper

This is considered to be Leonardo’s greatest achievement since the Mona Lisa. The painting is thought to have been painting between 1495 and 1498 AD. In the middle of the picture, Jesus Christ is seen in the middle of the last supper with the disciples around him.

This is a famous fresco of Leonardo. It is located on the back wall of the dining hall of Santa Maria Della Grazie Church in Milan, Italy. The film has become famous for the story behind it. Although there are many more paintings about the Last Supper of Jesus Christ, this painting is the most famous and discuss in the art world. In the picture we see, in Christianity, Jesus sitting for the last time at a dinner with his disciples. After he had eaten, he said to his disciples, “The next day one of you will betray me.” After hearing Jesus’ prophecy, his disciples asked themselves, “Who is that traitor?” Discussing this topic. Leonardo da Vinci is said to be taken a long time to embellish Jesus ‘face in the film, in order to evoke an expressionless expression on Jesus’ face.

The Last Supper
The Last Supper
Build model of aircraft by observing the flight of birds

Aircraft is one of the wonderful contributions of modern civilization. It is a vehicle that has brought incredible speed and excitement to the history of civilization. Man’s indomitable desire to fly in the sky is a long time old. As a result, extensive thinking and research on this subject have been going on for centuries. Of particular note is the name of Leonardo da Vinci, the immortal painter of the Mona Lisa. He has very interested in aviation. In his wide-ranging curiosity, perhaps the subject of aviation was his favorite.

He was probably the first European to be keenly interested in finding a practical solution to aviation. Vinci is believed to have been inspired by the possibility of humans flying in the sky like birds. That’s why he made designs of several pieces of equipment including parachutes by observing the flight of birds. One of Vinci’s most popular inventions was the design of the man-powered Ornithopter in 1885, which simultaneously revealed the possibility of human flight and his great interest in it. The discovery has clearly designed by The Vinci by observing the flight of winged animals. Maybe he was more inspired by the flying techniques of bats or similar animals. As its designed instrument indicates a relationship with winged animals.

At the same time, Leonardo da Vinci drew about 35,000 words and 500 sketches on the nature of airplanes, wind, and the flight techniques of birds. He has recorded his far-sighted thoughts on various topics in thousands of pages of notebooks known as Codex. Between 1505 and 1506, he filled in a small notebook entitled ‘The Codex On the Flight of Bird’ with illustrated descriptions and cited bats, birds, and kites as sources of inspiration.

Musician Vinci

It is known that Leonardo had one of the best musicians of that time. In 1482, he introduced a rare genius by making a harp in the shape of a horse’s head. Lorenzo de ’Medici later sent this harp as a gift from Leonardo to the Duke of Milan, Ludovico il Moro, to confirm the non-war peace treaty.

Leonardo da Vinci death

Vinci is said to have spent the last days of his life, from September 1513 to 1516, under the Tenth Pope of Rome. When King Francis I occupied Milan in 1515, he began living in a residence called “Claus Lewis” next to the king’s residence. This is where he spent the next 3 years of his life.

This amazing human genius Leonardo passed away on May 2, 1519, in this “Claus Lewis” building.

Leonardo da vinci famous Quotes


Art never ends, only abandoned.

Quote -2

Acquiring knowledge does not make the mind tired.

Quote -3

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”

Quote -4

Nothing can be liked or disliked at first sight.

Quote -5

 “Nature does not break its own laws.”

Quote -6

Good joy is the joy of understanding something.

Quote -7

” Simplicity is the ultimate complication. ”

Quote -8

“Nothing can be like or hated in the first place. ”

Quote -9

“Tears never come from the brain, but from the heart.”

Quote -10

I have hurt God and humanity Because my work has not been as good as it should have been. “

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