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Sonu Sharma
Sonu Sharma

The personality we are going to talk about today has created a stir in the field of network marketing. Who brought a change not only in his life but also in the lives of many people. Sonu Sharma is not only an inspiring and inspiring speaker, but she is also a great network marker, entrepreneur, business consultant and corporate trainer whose motivational stories have been heard by every student and individual. Like Yambanta, he can perceive the forces within us.

People started with scooters and today they are in Mercedes Benz S-Class. Today, his monthly income is around one to two crore rupees. Whose net worth is 6 million Yes, you may understand, we are talking about Sonu Sir?

Who is Sonu Sharma?

Sonu Sharma, the founder of Dynamic India Group, is an inspiring and inspiring speaker as well as a great network marketer, business consultant, entrepreneur and life coach.

For success is not just about making money, it is when your kids consider you a role model. I have watched many videos and attended many of his live seminars. Her videos and seminars changed my life. He probably never came before.

He says in one of his videos that whatever you want to achieve you need to give your mind as well as the body a good dose.

Sonu Sharma’s birth and childhood

Sonu Sharma was born on November 11, 1984, in Delhi. His first life was like that of an ordinary child, Sonu was from a poor family, which caused Sonu a lot of problems.


Sonu Sharma Education

Dayananda received his primary education from a public school and a bachelor’s degree from Chandigarh College. Like every middle-class family, they saw many ups and downs in their lives. However, this person is the person who faced every battle with courage and has achieved this position today.

Sonu Sharma Career and Sharma’s Network Marketing Journey

After finishing Sonu Sir College, he started teaching tuition to children. He used to teach mathematics and many other subjects to the children at her home. SonuSir has been teaching tuition to children for 4 years. He then set foot in network marketing and he worked for 14 years and even today he is only working in network marketing.

Time for Sonu Sharma success

He has done a lot of work in her life but she is not getting much success in anything. Sonu joined the network marketing company Naswiz on 14 September 2005. It was a turning point in his life, after which Sonu life changed completely. Sonu worked for Sir Naswiz for more than 16 years, in so many years he learned a lot. Working in network marketing changed his life.

There are hardly any people in network marketing today who did not know Sonu. He is a famous businessman of India today. He also has a channel on YouTube, her YouTube channel is called Sonu, through this channel Sonu inspires people as well as tells how to be successful in network marketing.

Sonu Sharma Network Marketing company Name

Sonu Sir is additionally the founding father of the Indian Dynamic Group. He is additionally called Brand Ambassador of Naswiz Company but recently he has joined Vestige Marketing Private Ltd.

Sonu Sharma wife name & children

SonuSharma got married to Swati Sharma on 30 Apr 2006. He has two cute daughters.

Sonu Sharma wife
Sonu Sharma wife

Sonu Sharma Achieved and Awards

More than 1 billion people listen to Sonu Sir and follow him on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook.

ICICI, Tata, Bajaj, SBI, Luminos, HP, VGA, AGS Limited, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce, Chirpal Group of Companies, Ethikar Pharma, Kalpana Enterprise, France Herbal Public Research Institute etc. Corporate firms are their clients.

Not only corporate companies but also many educational institutions are their clients, such as PR Pot Patil Group of Educational Institutes, Amravati, AMI Educational Services (Jamshedpur), Shri Ram College of Engineering etc.

Sonu Sir said the money can be made by creating your own values. Otherwise, everyone has only 24 hours.

On December 24, 2020, Sonu was awarded the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Award at the Vigyan Bhavan in Delhi. The award was given to 25 selected intellectuals of the country who have excelled in their respective fields.

Sonu book, “A Mission on Inspiration” is for those who do not find inspiration in today’s busy life. In this book, you can read many such inspirational/inspirational stories. Which solves many problems in your daily and personal life.

 If you haven’t found a solution to many of the problems in your life, you must read the book “Moving on the Mission of Inspiration”.

Sonu Sir has many live seminars, in which you can take part. Otherwise, some of his inspirational and inspirational videos can be found on his YouTube channel. You can follow Sonu Sir on Facebook and Instagram.

Sonu Sharma
Sonu Sharma

Sonu Sharma Net worth & Sonu Sharma Monthly Income

He is a well-known network marketer, who is seen by millions on YouTube every day. He is 39 years old in 2021.Sonu Sharma Net Worth In Indian Rupees 44 Crore INR.

Per Live session Income 5 Lakh + Monthly Income And Salary 50 Lakh + yearly Income 6 Crore +

Sonu Sharma car collection

Audi – Model – Audi a6 –  Price – 60 Lakh +

BMW –  BMW 520D  – 70 Lakh+

Range Rover  – Range Rover Sports – 1 Crore+

Porsche – Porsche Panamera – 1.5 Crore

Honda – Honda City – 10 Lakh +

Mercedes –  Mercedes Benz C Class –  1 Crore +

  Social Media Accounts And Channels

YouTube Channel – SONU SHARMA

Instagram –  officesonusharma

Facebook – SonuSharma

Twitter – SonuSharma

Official website –

SonuSharma WhatsApp Number (contact Number) – TO JOIN TEAM CALL OR WHATSAPP 9433341141

Sonu Sharma
Sonu Sharma
Sonu Sharma Motivational Quotes

Quote: 1

Human growth is never without goal setting.

Quote: 2

The person who lives with the mind is not the seeker, the person who lives with the will is the seeker.

Quote: 3

You don’t have to create your own future. Your habits and habits can create your future.

Quote: 4

Success only comes from doing things that one does not feel like doing.

Quote: 5

The earnings of any person can never rise above his personality.

Quote: 6

Each kite will go garbage one day, But before that, you have to show that you touched the sky one day.

Quote: 7

To get something, you must first have a reason to get it.

Quote: 8

Your condition over the next few years will determine your current state.

Quote: 9

It is not important to make money, it is important to be a human being in order to make money.

Quote: 10

Where fear ends, victory begins.

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