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Sonu Sood
Sonu Sood

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has created a niche for himself in the hearts of millions of viewers with his great performances, with which he is also known today for his generosity. Sonu has proved her mettle not only in Bollywood but also in Bollywood and Tollywood. He has proved his acting talent by casting himself in all kinds of characters.

He has played an outstanding role in villains, comedy and all kinds of romantic characters. Sonu has become the Messiah of the workers during the period of interest corona. They are helping millions of migrants and forced workers to reach their homes. The whole country is praising his work. Sonu is known as the real hero on social media. So let’s find out the biography of Bollywood actor Sonu.

Sonu Sood Birth and family

Moga was born in Punjab on July 30, 1973. His father Shakti Sagar Sood was his father’s clothing store. Sonu Sud’s mother Saroj Sud is a teacher. In addition to Sonu,he has two sisters, Malvika and Monica.

Sonu Sood Education

Sonu did her schooling at Sacred High School in Moga district, then she studied engineering at YCCE College in Nagpur. After engineering, Sonu started modelling. He was also a contestant in the Mr India competition. His background never came from the film industry, yet Sunu Sood created a distinct identity in the industry because of his skills.

Little Sonu Sood & sisters
Little Sonu Sood & sisters

Sonu Carrier

Nowadays the acting world of the actor has become insane for gold, who has loved watching movies since childhood. And already he wanted to be an actor. In the early days, Airtel also worked for the telecom company. he has also worked in many eds. Sonsud’s height is 6 feet, 2 inches.

 He tried to show his acting from many places. After waiting a while there was an opportunity to work on an album. And this opportunity proved to be an opportunity for him, his album became a super hit and he entered the film.

Sonu movie journey

Her album was a super hit before her debut in the film and she made her film debut in 1999 with the Tamil film Kalajghar. Sonu is an Indian film actor as well as a filmmaker and model. He has acted in Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films. His Shishmovi was very cool and Shisha was also a super hit. Sonu entered Hindi cinema in 2000.

His first Hindi film Shaheed Aaye Azam was released, in which he played the role of Shaheed Bir Bhagat Singh. In 2009, he set foot in Tollywood. And Arundhati played her lead role in the film and she also won the Best Villain award. In 1996, Gravia participated in Mr India but did not win, but fifteen years later Gravia hired him as the brand ambassador. he has played most of the villain roles in her acting. And he puts his life in this container. He has made his place in the film based on his hard work.

sonu sood wife name and marriage

On September 25, 1996, Sonu Sud married his wife Sonali. Sonali and Sonu studied in college together. Sonali Sud has no connection with any film or Bollywood.

And they have two sons. Sonu sons are Ishant and Ayan. The actor lives with his family all the time. His family is very happy with this thing. Many people ask Sonu Sud Kis Dharma Ka Hai then say that Sonu Sud Dharma Hindu.

sonu sood wife & children
sonu sood wife & children

The name of all the movies is Sonu

1. 1999 – Call Center

2. 1999 – Nanjinile

3. 2000 – hands up!

4. 2001 – Majnu

6. 2002 – Shaheed-i-Azam

7. 2002 – Life is beautiful

8. 2002 – King

9. 2003 – Amelu Abilu

10. 2003 – Kovilpatti Birlakshmi

11. 2003 – Where are you?

12. 2004 – Mission Mumbai

13. 2004 – Youth

14. 2005 – Chandramukhi

15. 2005 – Super

16. 2005 – Athadu

17. 2005 – Aashiq created you

18. 2005 – Sobs

19. 2005 – Divorce

20. 2006 – Ashoka

21. 2006 – Rockin ‘Mira

22. 2008 – Jodha Akbar

23. 2008 – Mr. Meritorious

24. 2008 – Lion King

25. 2008 – A Marriage… Also

26. 2009 – Arundhati

27. 2009 – will continue to search

28. 2009 – Anjaniyulu

29. 2009 – Bangaru Babu

30. Niranjan in 2009

31. 2009 – City of Life

32. 2010 – Dabang

33. 2011 – Energy

34. 2011 – Trimmer

35. 2011- Buddha will be your father

36. 2011 – Kandiriga

37. 2011 – Dukudu

38. 2011 – Vir Vishnuvardhana

39. 2011 – Oste

40. 2012 – Max

41. 2012-U Codder? Uliki’s stone?

42. 2012-July Bittu

43. 2013 – Wadalar at the shootout

44. 2013 Madha Gaja Raja

45. 2013 Ramaiya Basta Bhaiya

46. 2013 – Rana

47. 2013 – A few moments in a few days

48. 2013 – Brother

49. 2013 – Brahma

50. coming soon

Sonu Sood
Sonu Sood

Sonu ‘s famous movie

Shahid-e-Azam, Yuba, Chandramukhi, Aashiq Ban Aapni, Jodha Akbar, Singh Is King, Gabbar Is Back, Dabang 3 etc.

Sonu Some interesting information

 In 1996, Gravia participated in Mr. India but did not win, but fifteen years later Gravia retained him as a brand ambassador.

Sood has created a special place for herself in the hearts of the audience by omitting her best and brilliant acting. Because they were known as angels in the way they helped migrant workers during the Corona epidemic.

Social Contribution of SonuSood – Sonu Sood is a Real Life Hero

In the current Corona epidemic, Sonuwas portrayed not as a Messiah but as a god who helped bring millions of Mumbai workers home. This is the God who feeds the migrant workers.

Apart from that, He also arranged buses for all the workers to go home. Actor Sonu who helps people is an example of humanity in the endless age of Kali Yuga today.

Social Contribution of Sonu Sood - Sonu Sood is a Real Life Hero
Social Contribution of Sonu Sood – Sonu Sood is a Real Life Hero
Sonu Sood Award

In 2009, he won the Andhra Pradesh Nandi and Best Supporting Actor Filmfare Award – Telugu Award for Best Villain for the Telugu blockbuster film ‘Arundhati’.

In 2010, He was awarded the Apsara Award for Best Actor for her negative role in Dabangg and the IIFA Award for Best Performance in a Negative Character.

SonuSood Contribution

During the Corona period, He debuted as a Messiah, working to bring millions of migrant workers from Mumbai to his home. They are providing Sonu Sud buses and providing food and water to migrant workers stranded in various parts of Maharashtra due to the lockout.

sonu sood monthly income and net worth

Monthly Income And Salary1 Crore + and yearly Income12 Crore +. Net Worth 17 million

Sonu social media account

Sonu Sud Instagram – Sonu_sud

Instagram –

• sonu_sud

. Posts – 1,575

Followers – 9.2m

• Follow – 157

Facebook –

Email ID – Not available

Sonu WhatsApp number – not available

Official website – not available

Twitter –

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