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Stephen William Hawking Biography in English

Stephen Hawking
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The famous scientist Stephen Hawking has made many contributions in the field of science. Stephen Hawking’s life full of complexities from the beginning, yet he fulfilled his dream of becoming a scientist and made countless contributions to science. He explained the black hole very easily, then Einstein explained the relativity from where the earth started, to where it came from. So you know everything about him from childhood until his death. You know, so let’s start with Stephen Hawking’s biography.

Stephen Hawking’s birth and family

Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942, in England. At the time of Hawking’s birth, World War II was raging around the world. Stephen Hawking’s mother and father lived in North London. But because of this war, he had to change his home and he came to live in a safe place in London.

Stephen’s father, Frank, worked as a medical researcher. At the same time, his mother’s name was Isobel and he worked as a secretary at the Medical Research Institute. Hawking’s parents met while working at the Medical Research Institute. After which they got married and had a total of four children. Their names were Stephen, Philippa, Mary and Edward. Edward was their adopted son.

Stephen Hawking Education

Stephen’s family moved to St. Albans at the age of eight, and Stephen admitted to a school here. After finishing school, Stephen joined Oxford University and studied physics here. By the time he admitted to this university, he was only 17 years old.

It is said that Stephen interested in mathematics and wanted to study it. However, at that time this subject was not used in Oxford University. Due to which he had to choose the subject of physics.

After earning a first-class degree in physics, he continued his studies at Cambridge University. In 1962, he studied cosmology in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) at Cambridge University.

Stephen Hawking Illness

Stephen Hawking was living a normal life, but in 1963 his health began to decline. William Hawking hides the matter from his family members, but when Stephen Hawking’s father found out about it, 21-year-old Stephen saw his deteriorating condition and his father took him to the hospital where he was examined and the investigation revealed that Stephen had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. There is a disease called ALS. Due to this disease, the organs of the body gradually stop working and there is no cure for this disease.

Their brains are not working properly and they have only two years to live. When the doctor told Stephen Hawking that he would live only two years, Stephen Hawking was devastated. However, his illness was the cause of his greatness. When Stephen diagnosed with the disease, he was studying at Cambridge University. But he did not let his illness come in the middle of the dream. Despite being ill, he completed his studies and in 1965 he obtained his PhD degree. The title of his thesis in PhD was ‘Property of the Expansion of the Universe.

Stephen Hawking career

Hawking associated with the college after graduating from Cambridge, and he worked as a researcher here. He served as an assistant researcher at DAMTP in 1972, during which time he wrote his first academic book, The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time. After working here for some time, in 1974 he joined the Royal Society (Fellowship). He then worked as a gravitational physics reader at DAMTP in 1975 and also as a professor of gravitational physics here in 1977. In recognition of his work, in 1979, he appointed Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge, the most famous academic position in the world, and in 2006 he held this position.

Stephen Hawking wife and child

The year Stephen found out about his illness, he met his first wife, Jane Wilde. Jane supported Hawking during this difficult time, and in 1965 they were married. Jane and Hanking had a total of three children and their names were Robert, Lucy and Timothy.

Hawking’s marriage lasted 30 years, and Jane and Hawking divorced in 1995. Hawking married Elaine Mason after the divorce, and the marriage, which took place in 1995, lasted only until 2016.

Stephen Hawking Awards and Achievements

Professor Stephen Hawking holds a total of 13 honours degrees. At the same time, he has been given many awards for his contribution and the details of the awards given to him so far are given below-

1. 1966 – Stephen Hawking is awarded the Adams Prize.

2. 1975 – Eddington Medal

3. 1976 – Received the Maxwell Medal and Award.

4  1976 – The Heinmann Prize is awarded to Hawking.

5. 1978 – He awarded another prize, the Albert Einstein Medal.

6. 1985 – Hawking RAS Gold Medal

7. 1987 – also received the Dirac Medal from the Institute of Physical Sciences.

8. 1988 – This great scientist was also awarded the Wolf Prize.

9. 1989 – Hawking also won the Prince of Asturias Award. Shortly after receiving the award, he was awarded the Andrew Gament Award (1998).

10. 1999 – Naylor Award and Lectureship.

11.1999 – The next award he received was the Lillianfeld Prize and the same year the Royal Society of Art awarded him the Albert Medal.

Medals in addition to the aforementioned awards

1. 2006 – Presidential Medal of Independence

2. 2009 – Basic Physics Award

3. 2012 – awarded the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award (2015).

Stephen Hawking’s work and discovery

Among many achievements, he developed a mathematical model for Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. He did a lot of work on the nature of the universe, the Big Bang and black holes. In 1974, he outlined his theory that black holes leak energy and lose nothing. It recognized as “Hawking Radiation” in 1974.

Stephen Hawking and mathematician Roger Penrose showed that Einstein’s general theory of relativity showed that space and time would begin in the Big Bang and end in a black hole. Despite being one of the most respected physicists of his generation, he was able to translate general physics models into a common perception for the general public. His books – A Brief History of Time and the Universe in a Brief – have both become very popular.

With a brief history of being on the takeover list for more than 230 days – more than 10 million copies have been surpassed. Hawking has tried to understand scientific concepts in everyday language in his books and has given a brief account of the work behind the universe. Stephen Hawking became one of the most famous scientists because no one of his generation had so much knowledge and that is why he is called one of the most famous scientists of his generation.

The discovery of Stephen Hawking

1. Theory of Unity – 1970

2. Theory of Black Holes – 1971-74

3. Cosmic Inflation Theory – 1982

4. Model Wave Function of the Universe – 1983

5. A Brief History of Time His famous book published in 1988

6. Hawking’s Top-Down Theory on Cosmology – 2006

Stephen Hawking book

He has written many books in his lifetime and Stephen Hawking has written all the books about space and has given you complete information about it.

1. A Brief History of Time – Hawking’s first book called A Brief History of Time. The book titled The Big Bang and Black Hole and was published in 1988. The book is available in 40 languages.

2. ‘The Universe in a Brief’ – This book published in 2001 and this book was written by Hawking won the Aventis Prize for the book of science in 2002.

3. “The Grand Design” – Hawking book “The Grand Design” published in 2010 and provided information on space. This book also proved to be a very successful book.

4. ‘Black Hole and Baby Universe’ – This book came out in 1993 and this book was a reference to Hawking’s writings and lectures about black holes. Hawking also wrote a book for children. Named “George and the Big Bang”, the book came out in 2011.

Movies about the life of Stephen Hawking

In 2014, a movie was made on them, call “Theory of Everything”. In this film, the struggles of his life were shown and he told how he fulfilled his dreams.

Stephen Hawking Net Worth

Stephen Hawking owns a home in Cambridge, England, and currently has a net worth of 20 million. He has achieved this through his work, awards and books.

Stephen Hawking dies (cause of death)

Hawking had been ill for a long time. He has spent nearly 53 years of his life in a wheelchair due to amotrophic lateral sclerosis. He breathed his last in England on 14 March 2018 at the age of 76 and said goodbye to this world. But his contributions to science will never be forgotten.

Stephen Hawking Quotes in English

Quotes : – 1

Life would be miserable if it was not filled with strange and interesting things.

Quotes : – 2

 Human poverty can be eradicate with the help of science.

Quotes : – 3

The goal of my life is very simple and the goal is to understand this universe and find out why it is like that and why it exists.

Quotes : – 4

 Controlling intelligence through computers is a real human danger.

Quotes : – 5

There is nothing bigger and older than this universe.

 Look at the stars and be curious to know the meaning of what you see and wonder what it is that sustains the existence of the universe.

Quotes : – 6

I have a goal and that goal is very clear, this universe does not understand well, why it is and why it exists.

Quotes : – 7

Work gives you money and purpose and life is incomplete without it.

Quotes : – 8

When someone’s expectations are zero, everyone else is really appreciate.

Quotes : – 9

 I believe that if there is no such thing, it should be impossible, because things cannot make themselves impossible.

Quotes : – 10

We are at risk of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity. We no longer see ourselves as present on a small and increasingly polluted and overflowing planet.

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