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Steve Jobs Biography in English

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

The life of Apple founder Steve Jobs is an inspiration to all, the way he touched all the struggles of his life and touched a new level of success in his life, he really deserves praise. There was a time in Jobs’s life when he had to satisfy his hunger by eating food found in the temple and sleeping on the ground at a friend’s house.

Not only that, he went through that episode of his life when he fired from his own company Apple, but after so much, he never gave up and let’s move on to find out about the inspiring life of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs’ birth, family – the history of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, in St. Francisco, California. His real parents are Joan Simpson and Abdul Fattah Jandali. Jandali was a Muslim who belonged to Syria, and Joan was a Catholic Christian. The two came close to each other and Steve was born. The relationship between not approved by Joan’s father, so it was decided to adopt Steve after birth. The couple who were first selected for adoption came from an educated affluent family, but the couple suddenly changed their minds and adopted a girl instead of a boy. Jobs then adopted by Paul and Clara.

Paul was a mechanic, while Clara was an accountant. Jobs’ biological mother wanted him to adopt an educated family, but Paul and Clara did not finish their college education. Before accepting the job, she assured Joan that she would study hard.

Early life of Steve Jobs

Let us tell you that Paul, who resorted to jobs, a mechanic, his mother Clara was an accountant, who later opened a garage. At the same time, Jobs also interested in electronics from the beginning.

That’s why he interferes with the electronic items he kept in the garage and always tried to learn something new. Thus, as a child, Jobs learned a lot of electronics with the help of his father.

At the same time, Jobs has been an avid student since childhood, although he preferred to read books at home rather than go to school.

Steve Jobs Education

After finishing high school, Steve enrolled at Reed College in Oregon. It was a very expensive college, with Paul and Clara just paying the fees. He invested the whole of his life for the good education of his son. This met with Justice Kristen Brennan. Within a few days Steve realized that he was wasting his parents’ money by coming to this college, from here he would not get any benefit in future. He decided to leave college, and Kristen Brennan came along. Steve did not go to college every day, he only attended the classes he interested in. Here he took part in calligraphy classes.

Steve had no money at this time, he slept on the floor in his friend’s room. He made money selling coke bottles to eat. Along with this he used to go to Hare Krishna temple every Sunday, where he got free food.

Steve Jobs’s first career

In 1972, Steve started working for a video game development company called Atari. Some time later, he did not feel well here either and after collecting some money he went on a trip to India in 1974. He spent 7 months in India, during which time he studied to learn about Buddhism. Here he traveled by bus to Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. 7 months later Steve moved to America again and there his life changed. He shaved his head, and disguised himself as a monk. Jobs rejoined the attic. And they started living with their parents.

Apple Founder (Steve Jobs History of Apple)

Jobs and Wozniak became good friends again and started working together. Both of them had a lot of love for computer. Wozniak wanted to make his own computer, he had a good idea about electronics, so he made a personal computer. Jobs was very happy to see this and he thought that together they would open a computer manufacturing company and make and sell computers. In 1976, Jobs and Wozniak began working on computers in Jobs’ garage. He opened a company and named it ‘Apple’. Jobs was only 21 at the time. Apple’s first computer named Apple 1.

After a while, Wozniak started working on Apple 2. After it was made, it was placed in front of some investors and Jobs and Wozniak tried to persuade investors to invest in it in many places. People liked Apple 2 a lot. The company began to grow very fast, by the 1980s it had become a well-known company. In 10 years, Apple took 2 billion rupees and 4 thousand people started working on it.

Steve Jobs resigns from Apple

After becoming a big company, Apple launched its third version Apple 3 and then Lisa (daughter of Lisa Steve and Brennan, who was born in 1978). These new versions of Apple flop did not succeed. Steve put all his hard work into making the Macintosh. In 1984, Super Bowl created based on Lisa, it was launched with Macintosh. It had a lot of success.

Now Apple has started manufacturing personal computers in collaboration with IBM which also increases its use and puts pressure on the company to build more systems. The idea of ​​this computer was never a secret, which is why so many other companies adopted it. Computers from these other companies were used at much lower prices than Macintosh and Apple, which caused Apple to suffer losses. Steve blamed for this. Steve was under pressure to resign. On September 17, 1985, Steve resigned from Apple and five of his closest friends.

The next computer built during the struggle was the NeXT computer company

Steve didn’t know what to do for a while after being kicked out of Apple. According to Steve, it was a difficult time in his life, he felt, he was socially scattered, he lost. But in the midst of these thoughts he felt that his work had been taken away, but his power still with him. Who knew better than how Apple created. Steve decides to start all over again. He took the opportunity to think that now he was free, in his own opinion, to do whatever he wanted and that he could do it again, without having to work under any pressure while making Apple.

Jobs started a company called Next Computer, for which he got Ross Perrot as a big investor. NeXT’s first product was a high-end personal computer. The Next Computer launched on October 12, 1988, at a major event. NeXT’s first workstation came out in 1990, at a much higher price. The NeXT, like the Apple Lisa, technologically advanced, but because it was expensive, many could not afford it, which caused the NeXT to suffer. In a short time, Steve realized this and transformed Next Company into a software company, after which it became very successful. This web object begins to provide a framework for web applications.

Steve Jobs went back to 1997 as Apple CEO

In 1996, Apple announced that it was buying Next Company for 7 427 million. The deal was finalized in February 1997, with Jobs returning to Apple as CEO. Apple is fighting at the moment, it need a new idea, which could take it to new heights. Steve was now running Apple, now the company has launched many new products. At this time the iPod music player, iTunes music software launched. Both products were very successful and created a new good image of Apple in front of the world. In 2007, Apple introduced the first mobile phone, which revolutionized the mobile world, and the phone sold well. Steve now became a star and his name added to new discoveries of 2000.

Marriage and children of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs had a daughter, Lisa Brennan, with his love partner Kirsten Brennan in 1978. She married Lauren Powell in 1991. They both had three children, Red, Erin and Eve.

Steve Jobs' family
Steve Jobs’ family

Pixar Movie (Steve Jobs Pixar Movie)

In 1986, Steve bought a graphics company for 10 million. He named it Pixar. Initially, the company created and sold 3D graphics software. After Pixar in 1991, an offer came from Disney and asked to make a full-length film. Pixar made the first film, Toy Story, after partnering with Disney. Which has got endless success. Pixar then made the films Finding Nemo, Monster, Cars, Wall and Up. Jobs has made a lot of money through Pixar.

Awards Steve Jobs received

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has received numerous awards in his lifetime, including:

Steve awarded the “National Medal of Technology” by the President of the United States.

Jobs awarded the “California Hall of Fame”.

SteveJobs received the “Machine of the Year” award in 1982 for his prestigious company Apple.

Steve Jobs Net Worth & Apple Net Worth

 Steve Jobs was an American inventor and business magnate, whose fortune at the time of his death was 2 10.2 billion. Jobs knew as the technology giant co-founder and CEO also served as CEO of the Apple Enclaves Pixar Animation Studio, which he helped sell to Disney. Jobs were valued at more than 2 million in 1998, two years before the company went public. When Apple went public in December 1980, it was valued at 250 million.

Apple net worth $ 2 trillion in 2021. Apple Inc. is an American multinational company and famous for making smartphones, tablets, PCs and many more electronic devices.

Interesting facts about Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs saw a computer for the first time when he was 12 years old.

Once Steve Jobs was sitting in Apple’s garden, then he thought of naming his company Apple.

The movie “Jobs” is based on the great and inspiring life of Steve Jobs, in addition to the Disney Pixar movie “Brave” dedicated to his life.

Steve Jobs came to India to acquire spiritual knowledge. Apart from this, he also liked Indian culture and dress very much.

Jobs came to India in 1974 and spent several months in Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

Steve considered the great scientist Einstein as his role model.

He first saw a sample of Apple’s iPod and threw it into the water and then .proved with air bubbles that it could be made smaller and more attractive.

Steve fired from his own company Apple in 1984.

Jobs did not have a college degree like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

The funny thing about Steve Jobs is that he drove without a number plate.

Steve Jobs followed Buddhism.

Death of Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had to deal with a disease like pancreatic cancer towards the end of his life.

After battling the disease for many years, he breathed his last on October 2, 2011 in Palo Alto, California, and passed away.

At the same time, before his death, on August 24, 2011, Steve Jobs announced the appointment of Tim Cook as Apple’s new CEO.

At the same time, Steve Jobs is not with us today, but he will always be remembered for founding a well-known company like Apple.

Steve Jobs Quotes on Success In English

Quote : – 1

Let’s do something new tomorrow without worrying about what happened yesterday.

Quote : – 2

Design is not how a thing looks or feels. Design is how things work.

Quote : – 3

Perhaps death is the greatest discovery of this life.

Quote : – 4

Your time is limited, so don’t spend it on someone else’s life. Don’t get caught up in useless thoughts, don’t live according to others. Don’t let your inner voice overwhelm you with the voices of others.

Quote : – 5

Be quality standards, some people are not accustomed to the environment that can be expected.

Quote : – 6

 “Your time is restricted, thus do not waste it on somebody else’s mode.”

 Quote : – 7

“Perhaps death is that the greatest discovery of this life.”

Quote : – 8

“Those WHO ar thus crazy, they assume they’ll modification the globe, they usually do.”

Quote : – 9

“Design isn’t simply however a factor appearance or feels, however however the look makes that factor work.”

Quote : – 10

“Sometimes life hits you at intervals the pinnacle with a brick but never lose your faith.”

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