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Thomas Alva Edison
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The full name of Thomas Edison, the great American inventor, was Thomas Alva Edison. Thomas Edison invented many things like electronic bulbs, phonographs. He devoted his entire life to changing the world and human life and enlightened the whole world with his knowledge through his hard work and inventions like the electric bulb. Addison is credited with establishing the world’s first laboratory. Thomas Edison is considered the greatest inventor in the world because he is the only person in America to have received 1093 patents. Everyone should take inspiration from the great life of Thomas Alva Edison. So let’s find out about the life of Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison Born, Family, Early Life

Thomas Alva Edison, the world’s greatest inventor, was born on February 11, 1847, in Milan, Ohio, United States. Edison was very inquisitive, intelligent from the beginning.

His father’s name was Samuel Ogden Edison and his mother’s name was Nancy Matthew Elliott. Edison was the youngest in his family and the 7th child of his parents. At the age of seven, his family moved to Michigan. Edison stayed there for 16 years.

Thomas Edison Education

Thomas Edison went to school like all children, but from there the teacher threw Edison out of school because he was disabled. As a result, Edison was expelled from school after only 3 months. Due to which Thomas Edison’s studies took place in his house.

His mother was a teacher and he taught Edison at home. His mother taught Edison to learn the subjects herself, which is why Edison studied the Dictionary of Science with Hume, Ser, Burton and Gibbon’s great books when he was only ten years old.

At the age of 10, his mother gave him a book on elementary science so he could learn to experiment with some chemistry at home. From studying this book, Edison not only understood the experiments, but also showed his interest in them.

The great scientist Thomas Alva Edison had a disease called scoliosis

The great scientist Thomas Alva Edison was also said to have suffered from a disease called scoliosis which left him deaf from the beginning and he lost his hearing at the last moment.

Edison, however, never let his deafness come to the fore in his success and he tried with sincerity and hard work to achieve his goal and he has achieved great things in his life and has mastered his own genius in front of the whole genius.

Thomas Edison’s Struggle Life

Thomas Edison, who illuminated the world with great inventions like the electronic bulb, fought a lot in the early days of his life.

Due to the financial situation of the house, he also worked to distribute newspapers from house to house to support the expenses of the house. Not only that, but in the days of his struggle, he also worked as a telephone operator.

Works by Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Edison joined the job at the young age of about 13-14 years. In fact, in the days of struggle, he would sell newspapers and toffees next to the train.

At the same time, he rescued a 3-year-old boy named Jimmy Mackenzie from a speeding commodity train running on the train tracks.

At the same time this child belonged to Station Master J. U. Mackenzie. At the same time, the station master was very happy to see it and informed him about the telegram and with it he taught Tomras Alva Edison to operate the telegraph machine.

This was followed by his first telegraphy work at Stratford Station in Ontario by Thomas Edison. Later he also did many experiments to improve telegram equipment.

Married Life and Wife and children of Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison was married at the age of 24 to 16-year-old Mary Stillwell. Edison decided to marry Mary just two months after his meeting with Mary, and then in 1871, they tied the knot on Christmas Eve. From their marriage they had three children, William, Thomas Jr. and Marion were also born. Mary Stillwell died after 13 years of marriage. About 1 year later, in 1885, Thomas Edison married a woman named Mina Miller. From the time of his second marriage, Edison had three children, Madeleine, Theodore and Charles.

Thomas Alva Edison
Thomas Alva Edison

Discovery of Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison has been interested in innovation since childhood. The amount of money they saved by selling newspapers and vegetables, they spend on their exams.

Edison made his first invention as the inventor, the electric vote recorder, which he patented in 1668.

However, no one bought his discovery. However, after this test, Edison continued further testing.

He later invented the melodious telegraph. Microphones and fax machines were later invented.

He received recognition through a phonograph built in 1877. Then, in 1878, Thomas Edison began work on his most important invention, the electric bulb.

He failed a thousand times in this discovery, but he continued with his own hard work and honesty after learning from each of his failed attempts.

After that, he succeeded in developing a carbon thread filament in 1879, for which he had to spend about 40,000.

Let us tell you that the great inventor Alva Edison was the first to successfully use this bulb for the first time on 22 October 1879 and illuminated the whole world by his discovery.

For this, he received a patent on January 27, 1880. After this discovery, Alva Edison became famous all over the world and was recognized as the greatest inventor.

Great discoveries by Thomas Edison

1. Electric lamp

2. Gramophone

3. Electronic vote recorder

4. Phonogram

5. Battery

6. Kinetoscope

7. Electric train

Interesting thing about Thomas Alva Edison

The great inventor Thomas Edison built his first laboratory when he was only 10 years old.

Thomas Edison had to work hard for his most important discovery, the bulb. He had to face more than 10,000 failures to pass this test. At the same time, Edison said, “I’ve never failed, but I’ve found thousands of paths that can’t work for me.”

Thomas Edison was extremely hardworking. Sometimes he would experiment without sleep for 4-4 consecutive days. So many times they forgot to eat food while using it.

Edison, who enlightened the world with his discoveries, was a good scientist as well as a successful businessman. From 1879 to 1900 he completed almost all of his discoveries.

Edison also made many improvements in Alexander’s invention of the telephone. Along with this, in 1890, he also made the first film camera, which could then click about 25 pictures in 1 second.

Thomas Edison will always be remembered in the world for his great discovery. Everyone needs to take inspiration from his life. He said- (Thomas Edison Coates)

“Genius is built with one percent inspiration and 99 percent hard work.”

Menlo Park

Thomas Edison built his research lab in Menlo Park, New Jersey. It was the first institute dedicated to the first innovation. There Edison discovered and then put it to practical use. Then it was built in large size. A large number of Edison employees worked at Menlo Park. These are not ordinary employees, but a team of inventors who gave Edison the idea to invent.

Death of the great inventor Thomas Alva Edison – Death of Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison, the great inventor of the electronic bulb, also discovered it in the last days of his life.

He was not only a great scientist but also a famous businessman. On October 18, 1931, the great inventor Thomas Alva Edison breathed his last and left this world forever. People still remember Thomas Edison for his great discovery.

Thomas Alva Edison Quotes in English

Quotes: – 1

I am proud that I never invented a weapon to kill.

Quotes: – 2

The main function of our body is to move the brain around.

Quotes: – 3

What the human mind can create, human character can also control.

Quotes: – 4

Almost every person who develops an idea works on it until it seems impossible and then gets frustrated.

Quotes: – 5

I have never worked in my life. All was entertainment.

Quotes: – 6

 “Most people miss out on opportunities in their lives,

Because it looks like work. “

Quotes: – 7

“Always learn from failure,

 Don’t stop studying. “

Quotes: – 8

“Everything about the value of life is in the book

 Don’t come – world experience

Quotes: – 9

I’m proud of the fact that I never invented a weapon.

Quotes: – 10

Many people who have failed in life are not aware of how close they were to success Thomas Alva Edison

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