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Vincent van Gogh Biography in English

Vincent van Gogh
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Vincent van Gogh was one of the most famous painters in the Netherlands. His post-Impressionist paintings have left an indelible mark on twentieth-century modern art. In the beginning, he worked in many places. He did missionary work for miners in Borinage, Belgium. This paved the way for his paintings. His work Sunflower is one of the most famous and expensive works of art in the world. He has created more than 2100 works of art. He is one of the founders of modern art.

Vincent van Gogh Birth and family

Vincent van Gogh Full name Vincent Willem van Gogh. He was born on March 30, 1853, in the village of Jurden in the Netherlands. His father, Theodorus van Gogh Oster, was a city minister, and his mother, Anna Cornelia, was an artist.

Vincent van Gogh career

In the beginning, he worked in many places. He worked as a missionary for the miners in Borinage, Belgium. From this, the path of his painting was prepared.

Vincent van Gaal began painting at the age of 28 and has written several important works in the last two years of his life.

In a span of nine years, Vincent van Gogh created more than 2,100 works of art. Which contains about eight hundred and fifty oil paintings.

His self-portraits, landscapes, paintings and sunflowers are among the most famous and expensive works of art in the world.

Financial crises often occur at home due to large families

That’s why Van Gogh had to drop out of school at the age of 15. After leaving school, Van started working as a dealer in his uncle’s art shop. During this period, Van’s interest in painting not only increased, but he also acquired a good understanding of German, French and English, in addition to his mother tongue, Dutch.

About 20 years later, in 1873, the van was sent to London. His growing love for painting kept drawing him. This is why in his spare time he used to visit other art galleries in London and keep an eye on the works of other artists.

One of Vincent Van’s best art

Van never gave up, but in 1881 he learned the art of watercolour painting from the Brussels Academy to make himself a better artist.

After graduating, Van began working with Dutch landscape painter Anton Mauve. After learning landscape painting from him, Van finally created a painting called Poto Eaters in 1885.

This painting was highly praised after his death and was given the title of one of the rare paintings. Van Paris then came to his younger brother Theor in 1886 and began living with him. After arriving in Paris, Van began taking knowledge from books written by various artists to further improve his work.

Not only that, he often met with other painters and talked to them about their work. Van spent most of his time painting. He did a variety of paintings, including oil paintings, sketches and portraits.

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Vincent van Gogh Death

Arguably, Van Gogh also became a mature artist in various situations of his life. But all of these things affected Van somewhere.

As a result, he became mentally ill when he reached the age of 37.

Many times he lost consciousness and started eating paint. Seeing Van’s mental state, he started living with his younger brother Theo and Theo’s wife Van.

Day by day the deterioration of the van also became a matter of concern for Theo, seeing that he had admitted the van to the hospital for the mentally ill. Despite his poor mental state, Van’s interest in the painting did not diminish and he went to the hospital garden to resume painting.

During this time he made two famous paintings of his life, Loris and The Starry Night.

But as time went on, the problem with the van became worse. He was suffering from endless stress. He was so upset about small things that his health deteriorated. The excitement of the van finally overcame, and on the morning of July 29, 1890, while painting, Van suddenly picked up a pistol and shot himself in the chest! The van was immediately taken to hospital but died a few days later.

The biggest blow to Van’s death was his brother Theo because Theo was not only Van’s brother but also a business partner. Van’s paintings were used to sell more. One of the world’s greatest painters was responsible for his death.

Real success after Death

During his lifetime Van produced about 860 oil paintings, more than 1300 watercolour paintings and many sketches. Some of his paintings are worth millions of dollars, which art lovers are eager to buy.

Even today, Van says goodbye to the world, but his legacy is still preserved with much love and respect in the museum that opened in his name in 1973. The museum is in Amsterdam, containing 200 Van Gogh paintings, 500 drawings and 750 written documents, including a letter Van wrote to his brother Theo. Vincent may not live in this world today, but he lives on in his paintings. Even today, people try to understand his feelings by looking at his paintings. It is believed that many years from now, whenever the names of great painters in history are mentioned, it will definitely include Vincent’s name!

Vincent van Gogh Quotes

Quote: – 1

 “What would life be like if we didn’t have the courage to try something?”

Quote: – 2

“I have used my heart and soul to my advantage and thus I have lost my mind.”

Quote: – 3

 “If you really love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

Quote: – 4

 “I always do what I still can’t do, so I can learn how to do it.”

Quote: – 5

 “I dream of painting and then I draw my dream.”

Quote: – 6

 “I think the night is more alive and more prosperous than the day.”

Quote: – 7

“Nothing is truly artistic except the people you love”

Quote: – 8

“I’m looking, I’m trying, I’m going into it with all my soul.”

Quote: – 9

 “Learning without complaint is the only lesson in this life”

Quote: – 10

 “The heart of man is like the sea, where there are pearls with the storm, the tide.

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